Jarvis Moore


  • Stichy


  • Brian Sullivan

    Brian Sullivan

    Endlessly curious about how things work and why people do what they do. Finding new limits as an aspiring entrepreneur, UX strategist/designer/researcher.

  • Megan Lenz

    Megan Lenz

    Young woman trying to figure it all out. Musings about finding and following my passions.

  • Russel Lok

    Russel Lok

  • Marvin Smith

    Marvin Smith

  • Jenny Arredondo

    Jenny Arredondo

    I’m Jenny Arredondo, a passionate Mexican UX Designer and Photographer based in New York, and a globe-trotter hungry for color and images captured in time.

  • Christine Chong

    Christine Chong

    Bay Area📍| UX Designer | BUJO Planner | Videographer

  • Oludamo


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