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  • Michaella Henry

    Michaella Henry

    Storyteller, scholar, feminist, writer of prose and code.

  • Taylor Cashdan

    Taylor Cashdan

    I’m a North Carolina-based multidisciplinary creative and community builder that’s passionate about people, design, and all the intersections in between.

  • Katie Malmay

    Katie Malmay

    Design student, outdoor enthusiast, nutrition nerd.

  • Aari


    Designer, mentor, fitness enthusiast, and lover of pizza

  • Jake Burghardt

    Jake Burghardt

    Focussed on integrating streams of customer-centered research and data analyses into product plans, designs, and processes. www.linkedin.com/in/jakeburghardt

  • Jenny Arredondo

    Jenny Arredondo

    I’m Jenny Arredondo, a passionate Mexican UX Designer and Photographer based in New York, and a globe-trotter hungry for color and images captured in time.

  • Shannon Trumbull

    Shannon Trumbull

    All things coffee and design. Mostly design.

  • Melissa Ho

    Melissa Ho

    User Experience Researcher & Designer in Minneapolis, MN and master of knocking things over.

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